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Lais Just finished whacting the full Tomboy video.it was a really good illustration of the frustration that young people have defining themselves among peers.alot of the time boy things and girl things are defined way too early. someone that doesn't fit into the one that is meant for them or in a category at all is often alienated. as the individual grows up, they have to constantly go against the roles that try to box them in to an either/or category. often, sadly, there are some that simply pick a side out of the options given, and are unaware that these arent the only possibilities that exist, or are intimidated by the idea of trying to broaden the categories all together.some really good questions come from the movie about the environment kids grow up in and the environment they create for themselves out of what they learned from parents, teachers, tv, but also other kids that they're in daily contact with.
Hozzászólás : cs 27-08-15