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Taty no. So in the middle of the salon, I took off my wig, got my short male hair wasehd and cut which meant that I walked around the salon without my wig. I didn't see an eye raise nor did anyone say anything. The woman that cut my hair was happy to be in a picture with me and we had a lot of fun. They charged me for a woman's cut but who am I to complain? To your point though, be up front, put people at ease - the worst thing for them is to be guessing what your motives are - and be at ease yourself being who you are.Great post BTW.Leann
Hozzászólás : cs 27-08-15
ördibütyi Sziasztok!Ezeket a filmeket hol lehet megnézni vag yletölteni??segitsetek köszike!!!
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